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Enlarged right ventricle in absence of other symptoms?

I had my ASD closed one year ago.  In light of the fact it can be hereditary, my brother was also checked via echo, which showed what would seem to be a severely dilated right ventricle, but no other abnormal findings.  His cardiologist mentioned the dilation, but casually told him they'd retest him in a year.  After looking up the normal ranges for right ventricle size, we are concerned.  He is asymptomatic, very active (a personal trainer, in fact), and has perfect blood pressure.  There is no evidence of pulmonary hypertension (pulmonary artery systolic pressure = 20.5 mm/Hg).  Conclusions are as follows:

"Normal left ventricular size and function.  Analysis of mitral valve inflow, pulmonary vein Doppler, and mitral annular tissue Doppler suggests normal diastolic function without elevated left atrial pressure.  Right ventricular dilatation (base 4.8 cm) with normal right ventricular function.  Normal left atrial size.  Normal right atrial size.  Normal pericardium with no pericardial effusion.  Mitral valve appears normal.  Trace mitral regurgitation.  Trileaflet aortic valve with normal systolic opening.  Normally structured tricuspid valve.  Trace tricuspid regurgitation.  Estimated pulmonary artery systolic pressure from the tricuspid regurgitant jet, assuming a right atrial pressure of 3 mmHg, equals 20 mmHg.  Structurally normal pulmonic valve.  Trace pulmonic regurgitation.  Normal size aortic root."  She also told him verbally, "No holes."  

Thoughts on what the sole finding of a ventricle that large could mean??  He has no breathing problems/shortness of breath, no sign of sleep apnea, and appears to have no valve issues or pulmonary problems.  Could this have been a mis-measurement, being that everything else appears so normal?  We do have a second-opinion appointment scheduled, but the waiting is the hard part.  And input is appreciated!  Thank you.

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