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Equivocal Stress Test

I recently had a stress test and was told that the results were not clear. My cardiologist suggests a 64 slice coronary ct to rule out blockages. I had no pain or symptoms while on the treadmill. He said that it may be purely anatomical as women's breast tissue can complicate the reading of the pictures. Coincidentally, my left breast was radiated for 8 weeks due to intraductal carcinoma 19 years ago. Could this effect the pictures?
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If you didn't have any pain or shortness of breath and completed the test within an accepted heart rate range, wouldn't your doctor rule out vessel occlusion?  Why was the stress ordered?
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When you have radiotherapy you develop scar tissue and this can easily obscure the image because it will be more dense than surrounding tissue.
Are you getting intermittent chest pains?
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I think the doctor is being especially careful as I have other problems, i.e. atrial fibrillation and take coumadin for management and precautions. I too hope that this is why the additional testing. I did not experience any pain while completing the stress test. My mind is racing a mile a minute.I was hoping to find some comfort in the comments received here. The only symptom I've been experiencing is indigestion. The last few months have been very stressful in a familial sense. Thanks for your comments.
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