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Erratic bp, abnormal ecgs, SCARED

About me - 46 yr old female, slightly under weight, smoker (about 8 a day), casual drinker.  Family history of heart disease.  I have been dealing with high bp for about three years now, but the last six months or so it has been really hard to control.  I was originally on Atacand for bp, but now it doesn't control it on its own, so I've also been prescribed a dieuretic by my internist.  My gp had me on beta blockers for a short period of time, but I didn't like the way they made me feel-tired, dopey, etc.  Over the last 2 months I have had five occasions where I have been sent to ER by doctor's due to my blood pressure.  They all average at around 190's/110+, with a high heart rate, always above 100, sometimes as high as 150.  Had echo done, nothing abnormal.  Had renal artery scan, nothing abnormal.  Had carotid ultrasound results - right side >50% blockage, left side < 50%.

As of late I had an incident on a Thursday where I went to a walk-in clinic, as I knew my bp was high.  They measured bp, was 198/128, so they did an ecg.  Doctor said ecg showed heart not getting enough oxygen, put me on O2 and called ambulance that took me to hospital.  Eight hours later, after having nitroglycerin and an IV infused beta blocker, and being put on IV saline, bp returned to somewhat normal, and doctor released me, with orders that I get a stress test done (my appt is next week).  The  next morning I woke up very dizzy, took blood pressure, and was shocked - now it was 87/57 (has never, ever been that low), so I called a health hotline and spoke to a nurse, who immediately sent an ambulance, and it was back to the hospital.

ECG done my paramedics on way to hospital showed the following - evidence of heart block, and evidence of an enlarged heart.  Got to hospital, doctor came in, said he had a look at my chart (?!) didn't know I had one, as no one had come in to see me yet, and he concluded, without examination, that I was dehydrated from the beta blocker given the day before, and sent me on my way (even though I advised him that they gave me IV fluids, and that I was drinking a lot of water).

Now I am just sitting, scared, waiting for stress test, wondering what's going to happen to me in the meantime.  My blood pressure has been all over the map, stayed really low for about a week, but now progressively climbing.  I just took it now and it is 168/85, with a heart rate of 60?  My heart rate prior to this two day event has always been high.  

Has anyone experienced anything like this, and/or does anyone know what could be wrong with me.  Any input would be greatly appreciated, as I feel like I'm falling off a cliff without a net at the bottom :(
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After every hospital stay for heart attacks and chest pains I came home with super low blood pressure.  Upon standing I would become light headed and felt as though I would pass out.  This passed after a few days.  As for as your high blood pressure, I would certainly continue to seek the correct drug therapy to help get this down.  How was the echo? Did they do one?  What evidence was there of a heart block, and was a heart attack ruled out? Try to be calm and patient while you wait.  Sometimes the answer takes a bit of testing.  I know that seems hard to do, but try anyway. And feel free to question us here as much as you need.  We have all had our experiences.  Take care,  Ally
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I'm sorry, I forgot to say that the drugs and IVs they put me on in the hospital were to bring down the blood pressure and thin my blood.  That's why I felt lightheaded and dizzy.  I am sure that is why your pressure and heart rate are down also.  Ally
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Thanks, Chatter+Ally, for your input, it is greatly appreciated.  I did have an echo about 2 months ago that showed no abnormalities.  The evidence of heart block was on the ecg.  The only test they did to see if I had a heart attack was the blood enzymes, which they said came back relatively normal?!  My real concern right now is that my bp is still low, and my heart rate is decreasing on a regular basis.  It averages about 60 bpm, which I know is normal in some people, but as I said, I've been fighting high bp and tachycardia for 2 yrs now.  I guess the stress test will help point in one direction or another.
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