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Exercise and heart health

I am an obese (6' 350#) 43 yr. old male. I have had PVC's and other arrythmias for years, medicine has never helped (too many side-effects and/or just ineffective). About 9 months ago I was diagnosed with high blood pressure (190/105). I have been taking Tiazac (most recently 240 mg), and now have readings between 135/75 to 145/85 with an occasional high reading, possibly due to anxiety. I want to start exercising in a serious way, but am concerned. I recently read a book that was written in the mid 1980's , by a practicing Cardiologist, that stated moderate to heavy exercise cannot reverse or favorably treat coronary conditions. Only mild to moderate walking was found to be beneficial. I would like to maximize the chances of turning my problem around. What are your suggestions regarding exercise?
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Dear Robert,

Once cleared by a physician, regular exercise 3-5 times per week of at least 20 minutes duration is appropriate.  This should be of moderate intensity and your target heart rate should be approximately 85% (220 - your heart rate).
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