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Exercise w/Cardiac Condition

I am 60 years old have COPD w/o supplimental O2, have been told I had an infarct at one time or another based on sestamibi scans.  Mayos put me on 1 baby aspirin, Pravachol and Imdur and have taken them for a few years with no apparent progression of the heart problems.  I had been walking briskly for about 45min/day or 2.5 miles.  My Pulmonolagist(?)  suggests that to increase my conditioning that I instead walk 20min/day as fast as I can for several days and then once a week take a slower long walk.  I had noticed that when I was walking briskly for the 45 min my pulse rate only was about 80 and I could still breath through my nose.  Today I did the 20 min. as fast as possible and heart rate was about 100 and had to mouth breath, whats your feeling on this.  
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Dear RC,

I would recommend a brisk walk rather than the " fast as you can" walk this has greater cardiovascular benefit for you and appears to place less stress on your respiratory status.
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Dear cardiologist,    
I am 20 years old and was diagnosed with hypertrophic cardio-myopathy 6 years ago.  I was told to abstain from all strenuous activity, especially weightlifting.  I have complied for the past 6 years, but have become depressed about my situation- and was put on anti-depressents.  I have recently become weightlifting and have felt psychologically better than ever.  I feel the benefits from working out, may possibly outweigh the risks.  (Incidentally, my doctors have never detected an arrythmia from my Holter monitors.)  I would greatly appreciate it if you could respond to me on this matter.  Thank you.

Ethan Mallove
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Dear Ethan,

I would recommend a follow up visit and consider a reevaluation with a test called a exercise echo to document your heart function at rest and with exercise.
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