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Expected patient survial rate by statistics with my problems

I am a 52 year old male with sleep apnea,congestive heart failure (EF28%), an implanted ICD, severe coronary artery disease to the heart, had bypass surgery in 2000, 9 stents since then and recently started having TIA's with memory loss, slurred speech, confusion and was told I now had a 100% blockage in my left carotid artery and was told surgery was not an option. Am on Coumadin 10-mg per day, Digoxin .125mg per day, Aspirin 325mg per day, Aggrenox 1000 mg twice a day, Isosorbide 30mg 3 times a day, Enalpril 10mg per day and Coreg 25mg-bid.
I have been fighting this heart and neurological problem for 10 years now and am now going into A-Fib at least twice a day for the past month.
My Doctors have said there is nothing left to do. My QUESTION :  I guess it's one that no one really wants to answer believing that the diagnoses may lead to a self fulfilled expectation, but for personal and financial purposes I really need someone who is willing to give me a straight forward answer about what my chances are of being around or at least capable of making decisions 6 months or a year from now? I know they are not good, but no one will even try to give me a clue! I am the type person who needs to face reality and can take it. The wondering if I have a day or 2 weeks is enough stress on me to cause a problem! Could someone PLEASE at least try and give me a clue? Like some averages for a patients survival rate with my conditions! I am also allergic to all statins.
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I am not a doctor but a heart patient.  Are you being considered for a heart transplant at the present time?  In the US, until age 65, transplant preference is given for patients with your conditions.  You will be in my prayers and thoughts.
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I wish you ALL the best of luck and send my love to all that have reached out to me. But, I honestly must admit that while the doctors that may answer questions (while having the best of intentions) may unintentionally not be able to answer the question because of a lack of information that they do not have access to because of not being able to actually see a patient and receive a complete health history on that patient.
This is in no way their fault, but just the simple fact that they do not have all of the information needed to make a complete diagnoses.

  If I have offended anyone, then I must apologize and do so whole heartedly.

  I urge each of you to continue your fellowship with each other, but I must remind you that it is each of our responsibility to meet with at least 1 additional doctor in person with all of our medical history if we want a second opinion. While the doctors here try their best, again they only have partial information regarding each case.

Thanks, and may God Bless you all!

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I am not really sure why you think your life expectancy is so low. I suggest that you seek medical assistance at a large tertiary care center like ours, where doctors and surgeons collaborate better than is smaller hospitals and are often more aggressive with treatment. For instance, although you may not be a candidate for CEA, you may benefit from a carotid stent. And, although you have a defibrillator you may benefit from an upgrade to a BIV, or medication optimization. And there are many avenues for treatment of the atrial fibrillation including ablations, medications and/or pacing. In addition you may also, as mentioned above, you may still be young enough for consideration for a heart transplant, but these are offered only at large heart care centers. It is,hence, in your best interest to seek medical assistance at one of these places if it is financially possible.
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