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Thanks for the post.

Im not sure what your physicians mean by 'extra t wave'.  The T wave represents the repolarization of the heart and each QRS complex can only be associated with one T wave as the QRS represents the depolartization of the heart that leads to the hearts contraction.

There are alot of things that they may have seen that looked like the extra T wave. Sometimes even artifact on the ecg can also look like a T wave.  Unfortunaelty, without seeing the ECG I cant specifically tell you what it is.

From the way it sounds, and the fact they used the term, 'regularly irregular', your physicians may have been referring to the P wave associated with a pac which is a  benign finding and not rare at all.

Its difficult to tell you exaclty what they found concerning. It sounds liek youve had a pretty normal work up.  Perhaps gathering all of your records together and scheduling a second opinion visit with a different cardiologist who could better answer your questions.

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this is a question for everyone, i am sorry to change the subject a little.

what does SV mean? how can it effect me? does anybody has an idea when i need to take chestdiscomfort/pain serious? I have MS and my left side, special arm/leg are most involved with nomeness, tingle, sometime pressure. i also have mostly every day chest pressure. i had all the works done, suppost by doctors i have a structure normal heart. had a cath done 1.5 years ago, everything fine, echo, ecg in september - fine. ecg today with SV and chest pressure. I am 32 female non smoker, drinker and eat 95% healty.
thank you
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hi miichi. I almost hate to post this because the questions you ask are probably best answered by your doctor.

Its not clear from the question you have that you have a clear description of your problem. "SV" could be "SVE" which could refer to an ectopic supraventricular beat.

I just dont know and think you need to call or email your doctor or doctor's assistant for a better explaination if possible.

Good luck...
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