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Extreme chest pain during menstral cycle

First, off I have been having extreme chest pain usually the week before and the week during.  Now I have noticed that it is getting more painful. And it doesn't just happen before or during, it is all the time now.  Just more extreme at that time! I have had this issue for about 3 years now.  I have been to my family Dr about a year ago.  She prescribed many tests, blood work, chest x-ray, and even treadmill stress test.  Nothing has seemed to come back from these she said all normal).  Was told Cholesteral was a little high, nothing to worry about.  Lately I have noticed that a day or two after cycle starts I have extreme pressure and squeezing in my chest (left side).  Dr. told me a year ago that the only thing to do to take away the pain is take ibuprofen, which helped for awhile, now I am taking about 9 - 12 pills a day.  And the pain isn't touched.  When it is very painful the only way I can get thru some of the pain is to squeeze my breast really hard, this will make it tollerable, but not take it away.  I am just wondering if anyone else has heard of this issue or where I can go from here.  The pain originally started in the middle of chest (on sterum), which I can also feel a slight bump on sterum.  Now it is on the left and in the middle!

Currently, I don't have health insurance so I can't quite go to cardiologist. By the way, I am a healthy (besides this chest pain) 33 year old female, about 5'9" and about 168 pounds.  

Any help or information anyone can give would be greatly appreciated.
Thank you,
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Ever been evaluated for endometriosis?
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I too, get these chest and back pains at the start of my cycle and sometimes the week before.

I don't know what the culprit is, but it's mostly around this time of the month.

Keep me updated please! I'll try to check in here more often and post w/ more details later.
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I too have been having the same problem and have just recently gone through all the stress tests and my heart is healthy, and when I mentioned to my Dr that the chest pains are around my mentral cycle he told me it was just a cowensidence so I'm still having tests done hopefully my dr will figure out something.
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I too have chest and/or breast discomfort right before and during my cycle. Sometime I feel strange pains in my neck and back before and during my cycle as well. I don't know if this is normal but, I'm sure glad to hear that I'm not crazy and others are experiencing some of the same. I sure hope this is nothing serious for either of us. I'm ready to talk to my doctor about it and have some test done. I'll keep you guys informed.
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Hi, I am 42 and have had some of the same symptons going on for abour 4 years now and I have noticed that they are occuring before during and maybe a day or two after my period. I have pressure in my neck, upper abdominal area and my neck has some sharp pains on the left side.  My pvc's are also worse at this time, has anyone ever had extensive hormone test done to see if there is a link?  I am thinking about asking my DR. on my next visit to consider that option.  I also retain alot of fluid during that time.  
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Yes! what you described is exactly what happened to me... first the pain was in the middle and now it's on the side.  I've had test done as well and the doctor said my tests were normal but I feel something is wrong.  It feels like my heart is heavy and raw about 2 days before my cycle and then it follows through my cycle.  If you have any updates on your condition please express them.  Is it clogged arteries? I am 37 120 pds. I am going to the dr. this week if I have any updates i will post them.
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I am a 38 year old woman and weigh 128 pounds.  I also experience the same symptoms.  I just had a full physical examination last week and the doctor said that I am "perfectly healthy".  I just realized the link with the pain and the "time of the month".  
My pain is slightly to the right, at the center of my chest.  Sometimes the tightness travels up the right side of my neck.  It almost feels like "pressure" or "tightness" in my chest.
Did anyone find anything out with their reoccurring pain?
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I have  a similar  problem..  Usually 1 first day  of my period I get severe chest , left arm pain sweats, & nausea.… I am 42  I have a ICD unit & its been read.  No irregularities are showing up?  My  Electra Cardio Doc says its not my heart.
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Endometriosis can get into your urinary tract and travel to your lungs and cause that chest pain and pressure for some reason it is getting more common with women lately. Also can cause sciatic pain and fibromyalgia symptoms...you can be tested for the endometriosis my my sister had it.
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I am 38 I have been having the left side chest pain the day before and the first day of my period now for two years, I had all the doctor ordered test two years ago and just recently 11 days ago had a complete physical, everything normal. I am 5'6" weigh 138 lbs work out three days a week, no other physical complaints, but notice my breast are also getting very tender the week before my periods and my cycles are shorter they use to be 28 days and now they are 25 days to the exact day. But each month the chest pain scares the heck out of me, heart disease does not run in my family but I still worry. If anyone gets any real answer to this scarey symptom please let me know.
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Once a month, when I am on my cycle I have problems with Chest & back pain, but mine is a little different.  It usually occurs about the same time I have a heavy flow or heavy cramps.  It is really bad for about an hour where my chest gets tight and I have a sharp pain between my shoulder blades.  it comes in waves, like contractions, and when the pain & pressure comes on my I can't swallow or breath.  During this time, I create a lot of bile, so I have to spit a lot.  Sometimes it gets so bad I feel like I have to throw up.  (I also get the burning in my esophagus that you would get from acid reflux)  That bad "contraction type" chest pains lasts about an hour. Then for a day or two afterwards my "gut" hurts and I am exhuasted.  Sometimes eating is difficult right afterwards, because my throat has closed down.

I have been told that it is probably a hiatel hernia, but it is not triggered by food at all.  It happens like clockwork, once a month, when I am having my heaviest flow.  The bad stuff lasts for about an hour and then I can feel like crud for up to two days afterwards.

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I am 42, and generally in good health.  I have left side neck pain (feels like a really bad kink), pain in the center of my chest and upper back, all over achy feeling, sensitivity to light, and headache.  When it is really bad, breathing really hurts.  It usually goes away when I have a fever--depending on the severity of the episode, it can be from 99.5 F and 104 F.  I just noticed it seems to happen around the beginning of my cycle and can last 10 days or more.  

Once while I was having an episode, I went to the doctor and he did all kinds of blood work. Everything was normal except my Sed Rate (an indication of inflammation) was at 22 which is a little high but the doctor wasn't concerned.  

I would be interested in hearing if anyone has been able to get a diagnosis for this.
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I too suffer with this, and am having it right now! My chest hurts in the middle but has moved to the left, and the middle of my back. I also feel some pressure in my chest, and just feel bad. It really scares me, like i am going to die, or have a heart attack. Please let me know any updates!
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Check into " THORACIC ENDOMETRIOSIS" I had similar issues.

Mine was Sciatic Endometriosis in which surgery, and meds is what ended up resolving my issues.

along with the headaches and chest pains I had:
Pain before and during periods
Pain with intercourse
General, chronic pelvic pain throughout the month
Lower back pain ( would be accommodated but sciatic sharp pain and radiate down my leg without chest pains)
Heavy and/or irregular periods
Painful bowel movements, especially during menstruation
Commonly had painful urination during menstruation
Fatigue, (chronic...worsened just before  and during menstrual cycles.)
Diarrhea or constipation just before and/or during menstrual cycles
Extreme mood swing just before menstrual cycle.
My depressive symptoms/ anxiety heightened during just before and during cycles.
and most often I was would become Hypoglycaemic during my menstrual cycle.
Intense Migraines just before and during menstrual cycles
along with Left side chest pain..which traveled up my neck ear, and arm shopping short of the elbow..tingly fingers and or toes.
Sharp pain on my left lower back, chest area and down my leg and up my neck and left side of my chest. Always as early as 2 weeks prior to 2 weeks afterward of my menstrual cycle Difficulty breathing
Deep chest pain always followed. wasn't constant every cycle only until I was in my 40's did the latter chest symptoms accure

have them also check your Thyroid gland, T3 and T4 levels.I would also have them make sure you don't have Pleural (lung & chest cavity) Endometriosis.

General test they will preform are MRI, XRays, various blood test, pelvis ultra sounds, Stress tests, prehaps even pelvic laparoscopic surgery

Good luck Hope you found out what has been causing you issues.


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Your symptoms are very much like mine except I've had some episodes that followed with leg convulsions.  That may be where I have been in a state of panic after the checks pains.  But my symptoms also come in waves with exhaustion after each wave!  I noticed your post was a few years ago.  Do you have an answer to your problem yet?
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I agree that there has been evidence of chest pain that is associated with endometriosis. I found an article titled as follows:

International Scholarly Research Network
ISRN Surgery
Volume 2011, Article ID 837501, 4 pages

Case Report
Recurrent Chest Pain, as a Presenting Sign of
Ovarian Endometrioma

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Were you on fertility drugs in the past? I have been having the same issues all of the sudden. My doctor has been doing all kinds of tests, but now I am wondering if there may have been side effects from the fertility drugs that I took.
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You might have an echocardiogram to look for mitral valve prolapse.  Look it up on Wikipedia. It happens more frequently with women then men.  It is not serious, but can become serious.  It doesn't show on an EKG but will with an echocardiogram.  
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I would like to advise you that your problem is not related to chest and any others. This is related to Hormonal imbalance in your body. You first check your Thirod if it is under normal . Then you may suffering from PMS in That your all sympton will persist. For that You have to free from worry, tension. Take suppliment of Vit , E, Calcium+D, mineral and rich diet food. Do regular excise like yog, aerobic . For Alternate medicine you may go for homeopathic. For details you may study about PMS from site

You can take sepia-30, Pulsittila-30, etc.

wish you all the best
Dinesh Kr.
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I have pain on my chest and back (right side)
It feels like someone is squeezing me or an elephant is sitting on my chest . i really thought i was going to die or have a heart attack even tho it was on my right side and not my left . i would wake up crying not being able to breath.. I would also throw up when ever this pressure pain would hit (mostly at night) monday around 2:30 AM i went to the ER and the doctor took X Rays , Blood test and checked my heart . everything came out 100 % healthy. He said i was a very healthy girl and the only thing that was wrong was a wave that was backwards or something like that .. But had nothing to do with my "chest pain" so i was able to go home that morning and they gave me pain medication but that was all . they also asked when was my last period and i answered " like a month in half " i wasnt sure cuz my period is irregular.. So Wednesday came and i started my period ( i always get horrible cramps and pain) but this pain was the same pain i had got monday when i went to the ER (the pills didn't do much) i thought i was Dieing again .. Its now Saturday and i noticed my period is much much heavier than it has ever been .. The pain on my back by my shoulder blade is unbearable. I feel much pressure and tightness i dont know what to do .. The doctor said i was fine but i know I'm not :( someone please HELP .. Side note ( i beem trying to have kids for the past 3 years and i don't get pregnant ) idk if that has anything to do.with this but someone please give me some advice !
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I have a condition called coronary artery spasm (prinzmetals angina) for years I was told it was anxiety, stomach issues etc etc as my heart tests were ok. I pushed and after suffering a heart event, pushed further for a diagnosis. Many women with this conduits, suffer around their periods or mid cycle and seems to be a hormone link. How many are turned away? I don't think it's as uncommon as thought and the medical profession aren't clued up as much as thy should be on it
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I have also been having severe chest pain on my left side. Also severe abdominal cramping during my period. After my 3rd child is when this all started,  maybe because im not on birth control anymore?  Im 32 and healthy.  But this pain is debilitating.  Pain in lower left abdomen at same time as chest. This morning i even felt nauseas, got all hot and had chills. Dont know what's going on
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