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Extremely Small Arteries

My husband is 54 with a long family history of heart disease. Seven years ago he was told he had high cholesterol and placed on Lipitor. He immediately quit smoking, eats a paleo diet, lifts weights 1 1/2 hrs - 5 days a week. Recently, he began to have shortness of breath during his workouts and noticed his stomach was bloated. The cardiologist said he was 80% sure he had a blockage in the front descending artery. However, the heart cath showed no blockage. The Dr that did the cath said he has extremely small arteries that taper off to nothing. He said it was genetic and he couldn't fix it. No options for stents or bypass. What now???  Is it as grim as he made it sound?  We see his cardiologist in two weeks, but that is a long time to wonder about his heart health.
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