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Fast heart beat and chest pain.

I am facing 2 prblms.
One is, Even if i walk for less distance or climb few steps i feel difficulty in taking breath.While sleeping i am snooring , means I am facing some breathing problem and fast heart beat.
And the other thing is I am suffering from chest pain at times, even when i bend for sometime i feel the pain.
Please someone could tell me what may be the problem and what tests should I undergo.
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The chest pain could be caused by anything. Muscle strain,  costochondritis (inflammation of the cartilage connecting the sternum and ribs), etc.
I would get with your cardiologist or electrophysiologist and get some tests run.  Like a cardiac stress run, ultrasound of the heart, I may have missed a few tests btw
thank u ,,, Is the pain something problamatic
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