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Fast heart rate after Valve Surgery

I had an aortic valve replacement in June of 2010. By the end of July, my heart rate, after being in the 60's-70's all my life, jumped up to 109 and has stayed high ever since. It is always higher in the morning. My cardiologist dismisses my concerns...what should I do? See another cardiologist? I am currently on Metaprolol. I thought the HR would go DOWN after the surgery, but it seems to be getting worse. Thank you for answering my question!!
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A scenario that could be the cause of the faster than normal heart rate would be the cardiac output is reduced (aorta valve has back flow of blood...regurgitation) and less blood is pumped into circulation with each stroke. The decrease of CO would cause the heart to pump faster to meet the oxygenated demand by the body system that would have been met if there was no back flow.

You should have an echo with doppler software to evaluate the integrity of the valve replacement. At least rule that out.  There can be other causes, but the fast heart rate should be considered worthy of a diagnosis.

Thanks for sharing, and if you have any followup questions or comments you are welcome to respond.  Take care.

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