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Fatigue,SOB,strange symptoms

  Can all these symptoms be related to MVP?
  Fatigue- I go to bed tired and wake up tired,and like the old saying,I am
  tired to the bone. It does not stop me from anything I just always feel
  SOB- I rapidly become short of breath, usually walking up hill, carrying
  anything over 10lbs, or lifting over 50lbs.
  Strange symptoms-If walking long distances or performing physical work over
  several hours my wife says I lose color and feel "clamy" to her.
  Heart "flutters", occassionally it feels like my heart "flutters" it
  doesn't hurt it just feels strange. additionally if I am very still when
  this happens I sometimes feel a "slooshy" feeling in my chest is this
  strange or what? EKGs etc are normal only abnormality is MVP with regurg.
Dear Rick
MVP with significant regurgitation can cause shortness of breath, especially with walking uphill. MVP without regurgitation should not cause shortness of breath. How much regurgitation do you have?
MVP is sometimes associated with irregular heart beats. A Holter monitor (portable EKG) can detect this.
I hope this is useful. Feel free to write back. I wish you the best of luck.
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