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Feels like a heart attack but its not

Have undiagnosed chest pain for several years but worsening significantly in last 6 months.
Pain extends along an area from just below xiphoid process laterally to left chest wall and into left arm, especially around elbow joint. Pain is best described as crushing or tightening band. Inhalation is uneventful but exhaling sometimes adds pain. At initial presentation 8 years ago, occurred infrequently and recovery was rapid. Over last 6 - 10 months frequency has increased to multiple times daily. Symptoms are triggered by or exacerbated by:
* Laying on back or left side
* Bending or stretching
* Moderate reclining
* Eating a normal meal and sometimes even a snack
* Drinking something sweet like tea or sugary coffee.
* Sometimes but not consistently, stress or exertion.

* Cardiac stenting x 4, but last more than 10 years ago. Followed by cardiologist who has exhausted all cardiac investigation and determined not cardiac source.
* Mild GERD and IBS, but recent colonoscopy and endoscopy are negative.
* Gallbladder removal in response to 3 stones, 1 year ago, no follow on complications identified.
* Mild fatty liver and enzymes do spike for a couple of months every 2 years but no diagnosis associated and always self-resolves.
* 8 years ago (loose correlation in time of onset of the chest pain) - had 2 events about 6 months apart of severe abdominal pain, bloating and mix of constipation and diarrhea. CT revealed inflamed lymph nodes in a band around upper abdomen and lower back. Diagnosis by GI was mesenteric lymphadenitis, likely due to virus
* Type 2 Diabetes x 12 years, well controlled with meds and lifestyle, A1C below 7.
* Intentional weight loss at around 1 pound per month for last 20 months. Currently 220lbs @ 5'7". Sedentary job, but moderately active outside of office. Walking and golf.
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Did u have vacksine?
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Sounds like it could be acid reflux, matches my symptoms exactly. Just a thought, you'll need your doctor to tell you but it's a pretty easy diagnosis to make and can be treated with an over the counter med.
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Edit to above. Weight is down to 180.
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