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Feet swelling with burning sensation

  I read the posts regarding the causes of feet swelling.  I have an additional
  question.  My elderly mother (88) is experiencing swollen feet.  She is under
  the care of several doctors--one who specializes in geriantrics.  She is on
  Zestril for hypertension and that has been under control for years.  She is
  also on eye drops for glaucoma--again for years.  However, she fell recently
  (about 10 days ago) and the swelling in her feet is not going down although
  the bruising has improved. She says that her feet are feel warm--or burning as
  she describes it.  She was seen by a physical therapist today for an evaluation.
  He had concerns about the swelling and showed me how her skin stayed depressed
  when he put pressure on her foot with his fingure.  He suggested we see the
  primary physician again soon to point this out.
  She seems fearful of walking and has curtailed most of her activities and now
  just sits in her chair until it is time to be escorted to her lunch or dinner.
  (She lives in an assisted living center.)  The PT will be trying to build some
  strength and confidence up in her walking and also try and get her to use a
  walker--hopefully he will be able to train her to use it properly.
  She is having some memory lapses and just recently had a CAT scan which did reveal
  some minor strokes.  However, I also wonder if there might also be some low grade
  depression going on because she usually just sits in her living room with the
  lights off until someone comes.
  I hope this isn't too long and complicated, but I would really like to know if
  we are also dealing with a circulatory problem that merits concern or whether
  these symptoms are typical of someone of this age.  Any insight will be greatly
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Dear Margaret,
The circulatory system in the body includes the arteries that feed blood to the area and
veins which drain blood from the area back towards the heart.  As you may already know there
are many causes of swelling of the legs to include simply slowed venous return from 'old age'.
Drugs and new medical conditions are more likely to be the cause when this is a new condition.
My reccomendation to you is the same as that of the physical therapist, have your mother evaluated
(full history and physical) and treated by an internist/geriatrician.  Good Luck.
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