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First Exercise after a long break

Hi, so here is my question... I have been sitting home and doing nothing for a month the reason for that is because there's is quarantine in Shanghai and nobody is allowed to go out, I can't even go out and take a walk. So before the quarantine I would exercise regularly. I would play football 3 times a week and I never had any cardio issues or any issues at all while exercising. Now after one month of doing nothing I decided to exercise at home and I found it very difficult. Before During heavy workouts like push-ups etc, my heart rate would not go above 135 our 140, now when I do simple things like push ups my heart goes 165-170. What scares me is that I start to feel lightheaded and dizzy a little bit so I always stop. I can't go to a hospital, so I am desperate. I can't believe that I have developed a heart condition after a month of being inactive. Is it normal? MY symptoms during my exercise scare me a lot.

I did  3 ECGs 1 echocardiogram and blood tests like a year ago. all were normal

27 years old ,male.
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Maybe you were incredibly fit, reflected by low heart rate. A month off has blunted the edge. Your multiple tests suggest that you worry more about your fitness and the lockdown more seriously than most. I hope that the virus situation is resolved soon.
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