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Fish oil and heart palpitations

After getting bad cholesterol results, I went out and bought Carlson's fish oil (take by the teaspoon as I hate pills) and have been taking it once a day for the past week. I suffer from heart palpitations very frequently, usually in times of stress or if I go too long without eating. Well, I haven't had any lately. I feel super calm. Now, I don't know if it has anything to do with the fish oil, but it doesn't hurt to try it out, if you suffer from palpitations, which I have gone to the emergency room twice for. My EKG came out clear and so did my 24 hour halter monitor, just anxiety they told me. Who knows.
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Iv been taking fish oil pills for years.. omega 3 oils - alot of Doctors say it wont lower anything or help the heart . but my last cholesterol test showed it had lowered it normal
levels good and bad - (sorry dont have the numbers) the main thing is -it does work !
I take daily 3 to 6 pills - depending how I feel - its important to eat or drink something afterwords, as you can get the burping effect ( of fish taste)  if you dont !  yuckie poo !

from what I understand and read -it helps the blood flow in the vains smooth and helps to keep the blood from sticking to the walls of the vains. as well it makes the vains flexible
soft - as not to harden - same for the heart tissue - I am on blood pressure meds for h.b.p
problems.  the fish oil has helped -  I take Res Q 1250 pills  they also have liquid that is
flavored natural..  
so far iv had a few blood tests , and found my Cholesterol to be at normal levels.
Iv only had one bad test come up, and that was my fault.. for eatting junk food, and just
abuseing myself in what I ate..  since have fixed that problem.

fish oil also does good for meny other things .  so yes it wont hurt you.. can only help.

take care :  booger
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My cardio told me to take the fish oil capsules...minor arrythmias...I never noticed them because of the pacer....

I don't get the aftertaste from the capusles (CVS brand), but he did say that a lot of his patients have told him keeping them in the freezer seems to help control that taste.  
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I wonder what our textbook doctors say to Eskimos who eat tons of saturated fat and fish oil? They have virtually no heart disease! What about the French Paradox too? Anymore I really think it's not even saturated fat that causes heart disease, but all the junk we eat that goes along with it like white flour, sodium, sweets, transfats, chemical additives, and huge portions.
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I've been taking flavonoids (French Paradox stuff), fish oil, and plant phytosterols for some years, now; and the overall results to my cardio system have been wonderful.  When I have had to change doctors from moving, I absolutely insist they respect nutritional supplementation as the first response or they won't become my doctor.
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Your spot on !  Eskimos and french .. also agree on the junk food issues.. and whats in our food .. lots of salt - lots of hidden renamed msg everywhere.   transfats are still out there.. have to beware of it..    

I have been heading in the direction of Natural foods whole foods. I dont eat red meats
as well.. and I only eat fresh fish , not farmed fish ..  and chicken .  
so far so good !    

but wow ! I would love eatting a T-bone stake !  Lol..

take care Boogerman
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