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Fluctuating High BP

My mother never had any heart/BP problems ever. She is 52 yrs, 150cm, 115 pounds.
For the past week she has been complaining of headaches and threw up and few times.
The doctor recorded a high BP of 190/110 and then suggested we admit her to the Intensive care unit for a total check up. They recorded high fluctuations in her BP within the same day. They are unable to find the reasons. Her ECG and CT Scan results are normal ( I don
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Dear rrishi78,

Sorry to hear about your mother's fluctuating blood pressure.
I think that stress could be playing a role in your mother's abnormal blood pressure. However, from what you describe medical therapy will be a necessity. I would also recommend investigating techniques for relaxation and stress management. Regular exercise may also help improve blood pressure control. You may consider purchasing a home blood pressure monitoring kit, which will allow you to keep a log of your mother's blood pressure. This will help her doctor in managing the blood pressure.

Thanks for your question,

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The doctors should check her for a Pheochromocytoma, which is a tumor on the adrenal gland.  A prime symptom is fluctuating high blood pressure.
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