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Fluid in Lungs

I wrote my cardiologist a letter about a problem a MONTH ago- no answer. I called his office today- he called at 9:30 pm and I missed it.  I really need some advice.  Twice in the last 6 mos I've missed my dose (75mg) of Toprol  by 5 hours .   I developed very noisy lungs---like the times I had pneumonia.  My husband could hear it WITHOUT even needing a stethoscope.  While I have seldom missed my med, it happens.....What is this happening? Should I worry?  Does this mean I have CHF?  
Thank you!
P.S.   An hour after remembering the Toprol the lungs completely clear.
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It would be very difficult (actually impossible) to be able to say what you have been experiencing.  Toprol (metoprol XL) is a beta blocker which is prescribed in a number of different situations (heart failure, arrhtyhmias, high blood pressure, etc).  Without knowing your medical history and being able to perform a physical examination, there is no way of knowing for sure what is going on.  However, Toprol is a long-acting beta blocker, so even missing a dose for 5 hours, should theoretically not bring the acute onset of any symptoms.  If you are experiencing significant symptoms such as shortness of breath, chest pain, light-headedness, dizziness, or syncope (fainting) -- then I would be concerned enough that you should seek further evaluation. Otherwise, I think it is safe to follow-up with your regular cardiologist when he/she is available.
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Thank you! I will-
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