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Flutters in left chest + arrhythmia

I'm 75 years old.  I recently started having what the doctor calls Palpitations in my chest.  They are in my left chest, sometimes far left, and frequent sporadic missed heart beats, accompanied by shortness of breath. In the left chest, it feels like fluttering  or "bubbling". Sometimes it feels like my heart is trembling.  I feel the missed heart beats on the right.
I've had 5 different  heart tests, and my heart looks OK.  I didn't have the "palpitations" during any of the tests, unfortunately, although they are actually quite frequent.  It's a worry, because when I have them I often feel like I'm going to pass out, just for a moment.  I'm afraid to go out alone (I live alone) because they might start up and I might faint.    They certainly make me feel weak, short of breath, when I have them and mentally vague.  .
What's happening in my chest?  Could my heart stop?   What is your advice?  So far my doctor has not given me any meds for this.  But surely there's something that I could do, to not have to put up with this the rest of my life.
It's debilitating and scarey.
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You need a cardiac event monitor, where you trigger a recording device when your palpitations start. This device will tell the cardiologist what the etiology of the palpitations is and also for clues as to how to treat it.
Is it irregular? If so then this is most likely atrial fibrillation, and you may need to be started on coumadin for stroke prevention and medications for rate control. If it is regular and steady then it may be an SVT, which may respond to beta blockers but may in the end require an EP study and an ablation.
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