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For everyone worried about PVC's...

hi everyone,
I found this article about arrythmia's tonight... it REALLY put me at ease. I thought I would share it with the others out here experiencing these flips & flops... I hope this helps someone :)

"By themselves, PVC
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Also, here are some passages from world famous therapist Dr. Claire Weekes who worked extensively with people who experienced heart palpitations & ensuing anxiety....

Face your thoughts and fears instead of trying to be rid of them by pushing or forcing them out.

Accept your condition
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Wow that is a great post. It is certainly reasurring. I want to get my life back so bad, but feel that it has slipped away because of Panic and my heart doing flip flops.
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Excellent posts! I especially liked the reminder of what Dr. Claire Weekes wrote. I've forgotten about her book I have. This would be a great time to read it again!

Many thanks!
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Thanks for posting about Dr. Claire Weeks.  She helped me overcome 99% of my severe panic attacks and agorophobia since age 15, NO therapist, Psychologist or Psychiatrist or meds could help me, I wasted a lot of time and money until I read an ad about Dr. Weeks 30 yrs ago.

Unfortunately when I posted the names of her books on this site my post was removed.

For me she was the BEST.  She died in the meantime but her books are still available.
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Thank you so much for this post.  This is one to refer back to when things seem to get out of control.  Celeste07, what is the name of the book that you mentioned?  I would love to read more!
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Great job!  I urge everyone who is anxious about their heart and benign arrhythmias, to cut and paste and print the main post!  It saddens me to see so many people in their 20's, men and women, who let it control their lives.  These should be the best years of your lives!
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The book I have is "Hope and Help for your Nerves". I believe the above quotes are from this book.
I did read "Pass through Panic:  Freeing yourself from anxiety and fear" several years ago that was equally excellent. She has several others.
Like Barbarella, I found more help and healing through her book(s) then by any other means. I started re-reading Hope and Help this morning and already I feel much calmer, Her books really do speak for themselves!
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Celeste is right she has more books out.  All the major book chains have her books in stock.  You can also go to the bookstores at the malls and they either have them on their shelve or they will special order them for you.  When I found out about her she had 4 books out, and I read, re-read, read and re-read every one of them.  She helped me TREMENDOUSLY.  
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Wow, that really has made me feel better.  Everything now makes sense. Thanks!
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I am so HAPPY that this post helped you guys...it sure helps me :)
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Thanks again to everyone!  I'm going today to try and find some of the books.  It seems as though heart issues and anxiety can run "hand in hand"  I think controling the anxiety is a major factor.  You all are great!
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