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Free radicals

Posted By Troy on June 15, 1999 at 13:54:50
Dear Sirs,
Within the last couple of years there has been much emphasis placed on the role of free radicals and the oxidization of LDL particles which then makes it easier for the endothelial cells to uptake these particles.  This has added a whole new dimension to the treatment of CAD and given much interest in the idea of antioxidant therapy with vitamins and various supplements.  One article I recently read (from the Univ of Florida Medical School) suggested the combination of a statin drug with an ACE inhibitor for the treatment of hyperlipidemia - stating the combination of the two will decrease the amounts of free radical oxidization of LDL and restore function to endothelial cells.  My question is this:  Given the now accepted role of oxidized LDL particles (resulting from free radical formation) in the initiation and progression of CAD - is chelation therapy still considered "voodoo" now that there is some scientific basis for it's actions (i.e. the reduction of formation of free radicals)?  It has been long known that EDTA therapy will reduce formation of these particles but only recently has the connection been made between free radicals/oxidized LDL/and CAD.  As far as I can tell, resistance to this treatment from the mainline medical community stems from the lack of multiple, large, double blinded studies along with a tangible scientific basis on which to rest.  But we fail to realize that only 20-25% of "accepted" medical treatments in all of medicine have ever had such studies to prove there effectiveness and many of the treatments we still don't have a "scientific basis" on why they work - we just know they do.
Sorry for the length of this.  I'm just interested in your position.

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