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Frequent PVC's and meds

I've been having PVC's since about 2003. Usually would have a few bouts of them every year where they would come on every evening for anywhere from a week to a couple months. I've managed to live with them until recently. The past six months have been a nightmare. The PVC's are sometimes constant all day and night...sometimes every third beat, sometimes every 4th or 5th beat. I ended up in the ER a couple months ago, and ended up at the cardiologist with a holter monitor first and then an event monitor. Have also had extensive blood work and an echocardiogram...all tests normal. The cardiologist...along with all the other doctors and nurses I've seen during this time just tell that they are not harmful and really nothing can be done for the PVC's. I told the cardiologist that the PVC's are so frequent and constant that they are interfering with my life. My quality of life right now is in the toilet, so he prescribed metoprolol. I had 5 good days with only a couple PVC's (I can handle a couple now and then...not biggie...it's the constant one that go on for all day that I can't handle). On the sixth day of taking the metoprolol I the PVC's started up again...big time. Seemed more intense than usual and last all day and into the night. This was a little over a week ago and haven't had a good day since. I never know when they are going to come on and how strong they are going to be and how long they are going to last. The cardiologist has now put me on the 50mg of metoprolol/daily and 100mg of Flecainide/twice daily. Yesterday was my first dose of the flecainide and I ended up in the emergency room again. The doctor at the ER just sounded annoyed with me...told me nothing can be done, PVC's are benign. All he did was give me 1mg of Ativan for anxiety. I don't know what to do anymore....I'm at the end of my rope, feel like I will end up in the mental ward pretty soon. I'm hoping the metoprolol and flecainide will start to work together to get my PVC's under control here in the next couple days. I guess I just have to stick it out. I would really appreciate anyone's feedback and hearing other's experiences with PVC's and these two drugs. I'm desperate!!!

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I can certainly feel for you, I have been on metoprolol for almost 4 yrs now, I was recently hospitalized twice in the last month, and in turn they raised my dosage to 100mg twice a day. I did very well on the metoprolol for yrs, try to give it more time, your symptoms should feel better soon. As for the other med, I'm not formiliar w/it. I have Bigeminy and PVC's, both of which are very annoying. Good luck
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I have been taking Flecinide for exactlly what you are talking about above for over a year and I am back to my normal life. I thought I was going to die I had so many PVS that are not harmful so they say. They were harmful to my quality of life. Flecinide has been a miracle drug for me. How are are you doing now?
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