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From accelerated rhythm to skipped beats


Previously, the palpitations i experienced where in form of accelerated rhythm ie 85-105 bpm, which i obviously could feel....Now, it seems like what i experience are skippped beats, especially in morings...These skipped beats seem to be very frequent, yet i only notice them when i put my fingers to my neck to check pulse...I haven't had the accelerated rhythm in a while, just skipped beats...No other symptoms (short of breath, passing out, etc) are present...In 2012, both an echo and cardiac MRI were done, and both were completely normal....

If i ask the MD to repeat either the echo or MRI, i highly doubt he'll go for it, esp the MRI, & i would be STUNNED if insurance would pay for another MRI 5 months later anyway..

1. Do those numbers measured on an MRI - EV, LVSV, LVEDV change frequently like a BP reading, or do they not change so easily?...I mean can one have an EF of 57% one day, and 65% the next?...

2. In a structurally normal heart, can it withstand skipped beats easier than say someone with a valve issue, etc..And what is an ok number of skipped beats in a day - 500, 1000, 10,000 etc?..

3. The MD summarized the last EKG reading i had as follows "sinus rhythm at 97 bpm w/intermittent junctional rhythm at 90"....Is it odd to have 2 different rhythms in 12 seconds?....

Thank you..
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