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Future ?

Posted By Roger on February 07, 1999 at 12:27:09:

I just found this forum, very educational.
I recently suffered a heart attack (19 Jan 99), and had PTCA with two
stents placed in my Circumflex branch (mid & distal areas). This area had a
90% blockage.  I also had a blockage of the Right Coronary Artery, where
95-99% blockage was found, PTCA done there. I apparently 'coded' on the heart
cath table, and it required shocking for correction.  
History:  48 yo white male, smoker, high stress job (Police Officer),
poor diet-standard cop diet of fast food. No other complicating matters,
related to the heart. No family history of heart problems. Have been injured
(shot-stabbed), but nothing related to any form of heart disease.
Having read about the 'stents', I am curous about the possibility of them
closing, due to scar tissue, and another mycardial infarction due
to this.  I did not like this episode at all!
I have been given a second chance and am taking it by watching my
diet, have stopped smoking (hopefully), and am excercising more.
But the rate of clogging of the stents is worrying me.
And, while possibly to early to tell, but what are my chances of returning
to work?
To be very frank, this always happens to someone else, not yourself, and this
has scared me quite seriously! Again, this is relatively recent event, and alot
of my questions, while sincere, are possibly premature.
Thank you for your time in response.

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