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  My mother has recently had congenital heart
  failure and is on medication to control it...
  she's had high blood pressure for many years
  and has also been taking medication for that.  
  Since her CHF, she gets this loud gishing sound
  in her ears at least 2 times a week when she is
  in a reclining position.  I've asked her Doctor
  about it but he doesn't really offer any
  explanations and sort of ignores the question.
  Can you suggest why this might be happening?
  It really scares her.  Thanks.
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Dear Linda,
CHF stands for congestive heart failure, not congenital (congenital refers to an
abnormality that developed in utero, or during fetal development.)
Although some CHF patients, as well as some high blood pressure patients do get a
sensation of pounding in there ears, it is less common when the heart failure
and or high blood pressure(medically known as hypertension or HTN)is under control.
Some patients will get this sensation from a viral infection, having nothing to
do with CHF or HTN.  It would be best to go see the ear, nose, and throat doctor (ENT)
at least once to have the anatomy of the outer and inner ears evaluated including the tympanic
membrane or eardrum as it is well known.  The ENT physician (sometimes known as an otolaryngoloist)
will likely have some suggestions for reducing this bothersome sensation, whereas I do not.
There certainly is no reason to be 'scared', concerned maybe, but that is all the
more reason to go to the ENT physician as well as have regular follow up care for the CHF and HTN.  Good Luck.
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