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Gerd or ha?

A week ago was at my desk calm in the office in the am. I started eating a double chocolate protein bar and immediately upon finishing I started getting tightness in my chest . Now,  I do have acid reflux but it was not heartburn I really panicked there and started to think this is it I am having a heart attack..Ι got a coca cola and started burping. But I have never felt tight chest before so worried. Didn't have any other symptoms with the tightness and pulse / oxygen etcc was very normal. should  I go to the cardiologist again?? (Was ok 3 months ago).
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Just a short term tightness alone does not sound like indication of heart attack. You were with the cardiologist not long ago and presumably had an EKG etc. Why not lay off the chocolate bars (and coffee?) early in the day, and call the doc if symptoms repeat. Are you getting enough sleep?
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I am definitely in a flare. Waking up at night with heartburn. So sick of this for 12 years now. Yes, I am not eating it again in the am at least..
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