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Girl, 24yo, over 100 bpm constantly, low blood pressure

Hello, I am a little worried about my 24 year old girlfriends heart rate, it's over 100 - 110 bpm even at rest or asleep, constantly, all her life. Easily over 200 while exercising. Her blood pressure is low. She does'nt feel any discomfort, just gets a little dizzy while doing heavy exercise, probably from low blood pressure. The doctors say she is healthy apart from the rapid heart rate. She says it's fine but I don't like it. What can cause this? Should I be worried? Your help is much appreciated. Thank you!
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No, it's mostly normal.

2 things are likely the culprits:

1. 'Sympathetic tone' aka 'heart rate hormones' - these can be modified with exercise. The more athletic you are the less of these hormones your body produces, resting hr goes down.

2. Hydration - this probably is like 99% of her issue. Very few americans drink enough fluids, even though they would swear otherwise. Just drinking when youre thirsty isn't enough, making a concious decision with regards to appropriate fluid consumption and following through is key. Sort of like being on a diet.

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