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Got pain in Chest nd numbness in hands when raisin them...is it a heart prob?

hey... i m 17 yrs old ...turning 18 this july.. and i m.facing this prob from last 4 months... it started in the month of october when i had participated in race of 800m nd from the next day started getting sharp pains when walking but dissapeaes on relaxin nd sitting... that prob went off after i few days ...but chest pain comes on nd off ocassionally... i had murmers in my chest region too when lying down...no probs while walkn... i am getting treated with anxiety thats wat my doc says. he said its nothing related to the heart ur too young nd as my lipid tests nd cholestrol was all good... i m really scared nd worried ... is it heart prob... Sigh...worried... thanks.help me out...
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Sam, you have to ask yourself why you go to a doctor.  Have doctors studied anything?  Do they know stuff?  If not, why ask their opinions?

You've got a heart specialist testing you and saying your heart is fine.  Apparently, you also have another doc, an educated person, who thinks your problem is anxiety.  The upshot is that you have TWO independent doctors telling you that your heart is OK.

Why would you have trouble believing them?

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well thanks for replying to my question...actually the reason is -i m not getting relief..4months nd its still there as a devil behind me,hampering my academics nd Sports...This pain is really troubling me... What could be the reason from this pain nd numbness... My Weight is 52kg...i had a lipid profile test done nd my cholestrols were okay ...should i hv an echo too done?...
1. First, what medications have you been given?  

2.  Can you describe your chest pain more precisely?  Where is it?  Can you put your finger on the place that hurts?  Can you make it better or worse by pressing on it?  Does it get worse or better when you change position or move certain ways?

3.  Numbness in both hands when you raise them is a sign of nerve compression in your neck or shoulders.  This is not heart-related.  Physical therapy can help.

You can also get numbness in both hands when you hyperventilate due to a panic attack.

4.  You do not have an official heart murmur unless your doc has detected it with a stethoscope when you're  in the examining room and he's made a note of it in your chart.  Has that happened?

You are young, female, athletic, and thin.  These factors *alone* mean that the chances of any kind of heart disease for you are almost nil.  Believe me, if you had serious heart disease, you would not be able to participate in any 800m race or races of any length.  You couldn't even walk fast. After just a few feet, you'd very likely be on the ground, throwing up, unable to breathe, absolutely drenched in cold sweat, with the sense  of an elephant sitting on your chest and crushing your heart.  The symptoms are very distinctive and quite disabling.

So far, you have only indicated discomfort that is somewhat uncomfortable and that worries you.  That's not characteristic of heart disease.

You certainly do not need an echo, based on your description of your symptoms.

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To be true ...as i m writing this comment i still got my left side of chest hurting... dull pain... not radiating but its coming nd going...no breathing prob...nor nausea or sweatness...its just this pain...
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Thanks again...Well The pain that i m getting is on thr left side beside breast bone ....Nd yes i can place my palm nd fingers on the place that hurts...It dosent get worse with positions but a little relief occurs when alligning in a certain position but pain remains as it is... Well to be true i couldn't take part in Athletics bcoz of this Prob as my heart beat races when i walk fast or Speed up... it wasnt there 4 months ago...i was in good shape...And the murmur thing yep the doctor didnt detected anything strange...Why this chest pain nd out of breathness on walking ....Sigh till 4 months ago i was all good nd winning races nd after that one single race it all started... At first my dov said its musco skeletal pain nd any muscle must hv streached...but no relief... i also checked few articles on net about High beats...Nd a test to chevk pulse in rest position nd when standing... it came out to be 70 on rest nd 124 on standing...bp was 110/80 on rest nd 98/78 on standing..  Any links?.... maybe i been thinking too much... i just want to get well as soon as posible ... want to follow on my same old life which has been quite disturbed these past frw months...
Google 'costochondritis' for a possible explanation of your rib pain.  It's not exactly rare and it is treatable, but some docs may not know about it.

About the shortness of breath:  That can be caused by anxiety, and considering (1) that your heart has been checked out *very* thoroughly, and (2) that you have been diagnosed with anxiety, I think anxiety is the mostly likely cause.

Are you taking the medications you've been given for your anxiety?

Have you been back to the doc who diagnosed your anxiety to discuss the fact that you're still having trouble in this department?
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I can't comment so much on your case but can give you some info on what happened with me. If I hadn't pushed and pushed I would of been in the same situation I was or worse. I'd had at least 2 heart attacks, a closed coranory artery. And experiencing numb hands cold feet, chest pain all the time panic Attaks and severe angina which I had to go to emergency all the time. And I was told it was all in my head I was sent to psychiatrists and psychologists, no work test or stress test they did showed the problem. But I fought and fought with them. I was finally sent after they had enough of me to a leading heart specialist. Who found the problems directly and was very angry I had to wait so long with so many symptoms. I felt like I was going to have an heart attack everyday. Now I had a cto and pci operation 6hrs in theatre and I realised just how bad I have been and for how long (years) I had been this way. Basically what I'm saying is it's your body if you know something is wrong with you don't give up fight them, you know when things are not right. I'm not saying that you do have heart problems but if you don't feel right keep letting the docs know. You will find the problem.
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