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Although I am unable to do rigorous exercise I walk at least 40 (20 briskly) minutes a day and do everything right with my diet since I found out I had a cholesterol two years ago, my LDL has lowered but so has my HDL.  What can I do besides exercise and loose weight (I don't smoke) and take drugs to lower my HDL?  Here are the facts:
Weight from 200 to 185 (6"1")
Cholesterol from 229 to 177
Triglyceride from 110 to 99
HDL from 55 to 39
LDL from 158 to 119
Risk factor from 4.7 to 4.6

Thank you for your help, DL31101
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Your HDL is 1.0 mmol/L which is perfect
Your LDL is 3.0 mmol/L which is perfect for anyone who hasn't had heart attacks
Your Trigs are 1.0 mmol/L which is brilliant.

You dont need to reduce anything at all, lots of peope would kill to have levels like this.
You don't ever want to lower your HDL either. These Lipids keep the levels of LDL low.

Well done on these levels, you are at the same level expected of patients who have
suffered heart attacks. Guidelines for Heart disease patients are ....

LDL should be less than 3.0 mmol/L
HDL should be more than 1.0 mmol/L
Trigs should be less than 1.7 mmol/L

Keep in mind that you do need these lipids to live.
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Various things that can affect hdl ldl levels.

1- Weight
2- Physical activity
3- Diet strategy
4- Genetic factor
5- Age and sex
Source of this info    http://www.cholesterol-hdl-ldl.com/hdl-ldl-levels.html
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