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is anteroseptal wall ischemia is curerable? what will i do if i diagnosed that i have a anteroseptal wall ischemia?
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But no matter how you look at it, it isn't curable. Yes they can make improvements, but not remove the disease if it exists.
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I'm betting you learned this as a result of an EKG, it refers to a weakness of heart cells between the chambers.  Usually the next step is a stress test, unless that has been done, then you would have an angiogram which is the gold standard.  EKG's are a an 8 second view of your heart while it is beating away.  Unless it is read by a Cardiologist, it isn't always very accurate.
If you do in fact have an anteroseptal wall ischemia, there are degrees of severity, in my opinion.  Keep in mind, I'm not a health professional,but have had a lot of angiograms and problems.  Sometimes heart cells are just stunned and drugs can improve the situation.  It is easy to say, but I'd relax, get more information.  It may be nothing at all, or a minor heart issue.  Keep us informed.  
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Well, in actual fact it is not curable? I have no idea who told you that it is? There is treatment, such as bypass or stenting but this is not a cure. To determine if you require such treatment depends on the size of the blockage. If it is over 70% then either bypass or stenting should be offered to you by the cardiologist.
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