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So I am currently taking Propranolol for my tachycardia, the Dr thinks its either inappropriate sinus tachycardia or supraventricular tachycardia and recently changed me to verapamil. Im so scared to start taking it, my question is does anyone take this drug for either of these conditions and does it work? Any information on these conditions and or drugs will be greatly appriciated.
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i have also sinus tachycardia and before i was taking propranolol and that seems not help much therefore my Dr changed to verapamil 40mg twice a day and i took for a year and again changed to metoprolol.
i did not face any prob with verapamil therefore do whatever your Dr provide you.any way i am better than before but still i have tachycardia sometime and my puls running more than 100.
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