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HOCM Next step?

I think not knowing what is the next step is the worst!!!
I have had an ICD implanted, Node ablation, and Im taking meds. I still have chest pain, palpatations, and still I tend to be prone to fainting, tired all the time.
Whats next? How long do I have to live like this? Is a transplant the next step and if it is, do I simply have to wait until these symptoms get so bad that I am on life support? Where the heck do I go from here?
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I have a couple of questions for you...so did they do some sort of sinus node ablation, then implanted an ICD and put you on meds...or did the attempt the ablation accidently hit the node and you ended up with an ICD...or did they implant an ICD did an ablation and now you are on meds?  Lots of questions i know but i don't get this.  Most of all how long did this all happen would be the big thing....you need to give us a little more info whpiv so that we can all weigh in to help you here so you aren't so frustrated and give you our take on it...how did it all start, what were you diagnosed with, what type of procedure was done and how long ago, what type of meds are you on, what was the discharging exit consult about and what did the doc tell you was going to happen next...more info please if possible and super sorry you are going thru this but you need to help us to help you a little.......
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Its not a thing for me to be into the terminology.Yet sometimes its all the pain medicines which make you tired all the time.My medications kept me so tired I had to
stop them because the doctor wouldnt.Then I began to feel better.
   Merry Christmas
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Some of your problem may be side effects from your medications. I can not take certain Beta-Blockers they caused to much of a drop in blood pressure at times causing me to black out. Heart meds can wipe you out along with some arrhythmia`s . I have a few runs of V-Tach per month that is below the cut off where my ICD does not shock me. When this happens it knocks me down for the count.
There are a lot of questions what kind of meds are you on ? How bad is your obstruction ? Have you needed treatment from your ICD.
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