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Has anyone taken Toprol XL during Pregnancy?

I have taken Toprol XL for 3 years now, started out taking 50 mg per day, now down to 25 mg per day, doing pretty good. I take it for High BP & when I was taken off last year my heart rate would get really high & I have been to the ER several times. I am in the early stages of pregnancy about 6 weeks, has anyone every taken Toprol XL during an entire pregnancy. Any advice would be great...
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Yes, I took 12.5 mg per day during my entire pregnancy and it was not a problem.  My doctor said it was nothing to worry about and my baby is just fine.
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I appreciate your reply, I have a DR appt on the 14th. I probably will need to take it during my entire pregnancy & I have been kind of worried.. How was your pregnancy & how was the delivery, & how was your baby after delivery. I would appreciate any information.  
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I know OF several women who have, with no problems.  Congratulations!  Best wishes for a healthy and happy pregnancy!
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Thanks for the reply, we are very excited, but still alitte nervous until I visit the DR.
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The pregnancy went well, no problems.  The delivery wasn't a problem because it was a scheduled c-section - I didn't have a problem with my heart after the anesthesia or anything.  Everything went very smoothly, I'm glad to say!  I am sure all will go well for you, too.  Good luck!
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I too will probably have a planned c-section, I had a vaginal delivery with my DS & my heart rate got high during the delivery & don't want to risk putting anymore stress on my heart or the babies.  Did you have to stop the Toprol XL prior to the c-section?
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