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Head Pressure

I had an ablation 2 weeks ago for SVT, reentry atrial tachycardia. I have had this since April 2009, so not long compared to all the other posts I've been reading.  Anyway, I am wondering if anyone has experienced head pressure and off center dizzyness--not the spins, but just off. I also have tingling in my chest at times, my hands and my feet. I am however, on Paxil and Ativan at night. I have been weaning myself off both meds for the past 2 weeks very slowly. I don't have anxiety or depression, but was put on these by my EP for the arrhythmia symptoms. I did not like beta blockers. Anyway, I am worried I am at risk for a stroke. I don't know why I have head pressure, and no one else seems to know. I saw my ob a few weeks ago and mentioned it to her and she said it most likely had to do with the blood flow to the brain. It's scary, no one seems to believe me. I'm scared and frustrated because before SVT I was very active, athletic and happy. Now I'm scared, feel like **** all the time, even after the ablation.
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I don't know anything about the stuff you mentioned but what caught my eye was "head pressure".  I can not say this is the same thing as what you are going through but I'll tell you about it anyhow.

  what I had was a pressure that started just after dinner and was back to normal a six hours later.  about hour 4 it was so bad I swore my skull was expanding.  It wasn't till I mentioned that I took my pills imediatley after dinner thaqt the Doc decided to take a chance and ask me to take pill an hour after dinner and the other pill an hour after that. This did the trick!....   Your situation and mine may be completely different...

Dinner at 5:pm followed by Carvedilol, Lisinopril, Simvastatin, at 5:15.

Now carvedilol at 6:00
Lisinopril at 8:00
Simvastatin at 10:00
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hi im from the philippines i had 2 ablations my last was feb25 of this year.. like you im also experiencing off center dizzyness also not the spins, i had almost all sorts of test, mri, went to several eent, but they dont seem to find any answers, till now im experiencing it. its really hard thats why i know what you mean.. i believe you.. hope we both find an answer to this, take care and God bless.
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Hi Jem516,

Are you feeling any better? My head pressure has decreased, but I just looked over my medical records from my 4 day stay in the hospital in May, when I was diagnosed with SVT. They did a CT scan of brain and heart with contrast die---nothing, MRI of head and chest,---nothing, every blood test imaginable....nothing. The only thing that pops up is the EKG with the electrical problem--ie--SVT. I think the head pressure is from meds, or just from SVT. SVT *****...can I just say that!  I'm tired of feeling off center, and thinking about my heart all the time. I never did before and would give anything to get my old self back.
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