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Hear Attack Risk?

My name is Junior, I am 27 years old, 5'10, 200lbs and I recently visited the ER 4 times this week due to chest pains. I was recenty diagnosed with GERD and I have Sinusitis. I had 12 ECGs, a couple  chest x-rays, 1 Stress Test and a couple of blood tests. I have no diabetes, no family history of heart problems or stroke or coronary artery disease. My chlorestoral levels are perfect, I don't smoke, I occassionaly drink, I hardly excercise, I stress a heart attack alot and fear of dying. All show negative towards heart attack. When I wake up in the morning my chest bone in the middle feels some what tight. It is on and off pain. I used to have burning in the middle of my chest and that radiated to my neck and jaw but taking prilosec everyday that subsided. I've noticed today I was short of breath upon exertion and and my chest bone felt tight again for a little bit. Is this angina or somethig else. My doctor says I have a bronchiatal spasm or some sort. The doctor put me on a neubalizer and the inhaler did make me breathe better. It cured my shortness of breath. After having a normal stress test I ran on the treadmill at my house and felt my neck burning and stayed for a long time but I wasn't short of breath running the treadmill. Sometimes I feel my mind is signaling something is going to happen to my heart and it automatically focuses on the center of my chest. I used to have neck pain and left arm pain but they are tender to touch. Am I that stressed?Is this angina, asthma, anxiety, gerd or what is putting me in fear everyday?
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Consider a heart scan. It takes a snapshot of your coronary arteries. Anything short of this will not likely ease your anxieties.
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