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Heart Angioplasty

On 5 Jan I underwent an Angioplasty. The blockage was 100 % . Doctor Pur Two Stent. On 22 March I have removed my 2d Echo. 2d echo report says:regional wall motion abnormality & diastolic dysfunction. What is the meaning
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You provide very little info, but what I conclude from it:

Regional wall motion abnormality means that the motion of a region of the heart muscle is abnormal. It can be reduced (hypokinesia), absent (akinesia) or increased (hyperkinesia).

If you had a complete blockage, I assume you had an infraction. Then there is possible heart damage.
If that is the case, the healthy hearts cells die and are replaced by scar tissue. This results in akinesia as scar tissue does not contribute to the contracting of the heart.

During diastole, the ventricles fill with blood from the atrium. During systole it is pumped out of the ventricles.
Diastolic dysfunction means that the ventricle(s) do not relax properly. This means they do not fill so well with blood and this again decreases the pumping efficiency of your heart.
Diastolic dysfunction can be caused by an infarct, but can also be caused by i.e. hypertension

There are of course different grades of abnormalities and dysfunction. It could well be that yours are mild?
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For the analysis of the echo report and the conclusions that can be drawn from it, you need your cardiologist's knowledge who takes in account much more info that he has on your heart's condition.  
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