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Heart Arrhythmia/AFib with back pain

I saw an earlier post and it helped me, so I wanted to share my story because very few Doctors believe me. In 2007 I fell off a scooter over the handle bars and landed on my back. It was a terrible pain. 24 hours later I woke up hearing a click in my spine and my heart going crazy. I thought I was having a heart attack and was rushed to the hospital with AFib. At the time I was 42 and in decent health, no smoke, no drugs, no drink - only coffee. They ran every test and said my heart was normal and had no reason why I was in AFib. I told them about my fall and that my back really hurt but they said it wasn't related. Flecanide would not convert me. After 10 hours I begged them to let me up to go to the restroom.when they did I bent over to flush and felt my back click again and the AFib stopped. I continued to have PVCs for many months afterwards and found no resolution to it after seeing a spine orthopedic dr and getting an MRI.
I've been normal for many years until 3 weeks ago. My back pain returned after two terrible nights sleep while traveling and I woke up with PVC's. Many of them with shortness of breath and light headed ness. Another person had said 'a feeling of doom' and I agree.  The ER visit was pointless, heart seems normal. The back pain is very specific: right around T4 and T5 on the left side of the spine. In Accupuncture and Chiropractic medicine they believe that the nerves in that area control the heart and breathing. I for one believe them and am looking for advice in how to cure this issue... Thanks and good luck to you on your journey.

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