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Heart Attack (CABG)


My dad is a diabetic patient since 18 years. 2 weeks back he felt mild chest pain. Then Doctor forced him go for Angiography and he did so. Report showed that 3 of his arteries are blocked: Left - 100%, Right ones 90% and 80%. So, Doctors insisted him to go under bypass surgery. Few days back only he went under surgery. Now he is fine.

Please be frank in ansering the life term after By-Pass surery for such a diabetic patient.

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Both of my parents underwent 4 way bypass surgery at 73 years of age, mother after a heart attack and father after he failed a stres test. Both are alive and never better 8 years later. their doctor told them it added 15 - 20 years to their lives. Neither of them are diabetic though so I don't know how that changes things.

Good Luck!

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Thanks a lot for your input on this..
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I have been a diabetic for 35 years and just underwent quad bypass surgery.  My doctors advise that I have added 15 to 20 years to my life.  If I opted not to have the by-pass surgery, I may have had 1 to 2 years to live.  My diabetes has always been under control and that is so important.

Carrying through with the Cardio Rehab Program is so important to keep the heart healthy.

Good Luck!
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Maybe they learned something new over the last 5 years.  After my cabgx3 they told me 10 or 12 years was about all you could expect it to last.
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My daughter-in-law's father had his first 5XCABG when he was 50 years old........had his second 15 years later........He is now going on 81 and looks great to me........but not a diabetic.......seems if you keep your diabetes under control you can do just fine.......
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