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Heart Attack

Does any one know what may have happened to me.  I had a pain in the center of my chest and in my left hand at the same time.  It lasted about 10 seconds.  After that my left half of my left hand went numb and it has been now for 4 days.  Last night while watching tv my ring and pinky on my left hand began swelling, not a lot but enough for it to feel tight and hard to bend my fingers.
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I think you should visit your Dr soon ,or at least call him .
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See the doc or ER soon. I was in my cardiologist's office waiting on my appointment the other day. A man beside me told me that he had had a heart attack a week ago. He said that the only pain he felt was in his left arm. He also had some numbness in his arm.

He went to the ER. They rushed him into the cath lab and placed a stent in one of his coronary arteries. He saved himself any real damage to the muscle of the heart, by acting on his instinct. He looked just fine to have had a heart attack a week before.

Be careful,  

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