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Heart Attack

My grandma is 87 years old, she recently had a heart attack and she has a pacemaker in... before she had her heart attack she broke both her ankles and when she went for an x-ray the doctor also told her he wanted to replace her pacemaker it had been 5-6 years but it wouldnt be for awhile,  wait to replace it because he didnt want to cut her back open with her weight only being 80lbs....now when she had the heart attack and went to the hospital the doctor replaced the pacemaker.... should I be worried about her recovery? is she going to be ok? Could the pacemaker be what caused her heart attack?
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How long has she weighed only 80 pounds?  If she has dropped a lot of weight recently, that could be a sign that her heart is worsening.  If she is unable to eat anything except fruit that would be another sign.  You will have to wait and see how she recovers.  Try not to worry as it could have been only a small heart attack with no heart muscle damage.  People can have heart attacks with pacemakers. My Mom had several with her pacemaker over 12 year period.  
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A malfunctioning pacemaker would not provide adequate rhythm correction to overcome irregular heartbeats and  that could cause heart attack. Or there could be other causes not related to arrhythmia.

The degree of heart muscle damage due to a heart attack varies from no permanent damage to massive tissue damage.  An echocardiogram could determine the location and degree of damage if any.
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