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Heart Attacks

I am a 48 year old white male, and I have already had a total of 5 heart attacks (all within the last 5 tears). At first my doctoer thought it was due to my low HDL, as it has been lower that 28 for the last 5 years. But after my last attack, about 3 months ago, the doctors are now thinking that my body is trying to reject the 3 stents the have pkaced in me. This last attack was pretty serious, and we are planning to have a defibri;ator implanted later this month. One of my concerns though is not so much about the defibrilator, but why can't just cut out those stents and bypass them? I also have another blocked artery (blocked about 60 to 70%), so why can't they bypass that also? I am very afraid that I will not survive another heart attack, and am at the point where I say just cut me open and get that stuff out of me instead of risking another attack. Any advice would be appreciated.
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Sorry about the typo, my HDL has not been ABOVE 28 in the last 4 years. I had an echo done just last week, and my ejection fraction was 30.
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What evidence is there to conclude you are having an ischemic (lack of blood flow) MI's (5 heart damaging events!).  What are your symptoms? Chest pain? What test have you had?  Heart enlarged, low EF?  Doctor's think!  A low HDL won't give you an MI.  The AHA/AAC guidelines don't recommend intervention for 69-70% but there asre exceptions.
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