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Heart Burn

Never had a problem with heart burn before and this week it has come on quite often.  When can I do for this?
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Have you tried tums?  If the tums are not working then move to maalox or mylanta.  If the heartburn continues you can try zantac, pepcid, or prilosec (which you can take for 2 weeks and then the symptoms should go away for awhile).  Prilosec can make you feel kind of weak and not well, but it is worth it in as far as feeling better for awhile afterwards.  When mine gets real bad, I take Prilosec for 2 weeks and then I'm okay for about 3 months again.  Different foods can trigger it like spicy foods.  If the heartburn keeps returning you should have your stomach checked and your heart.  Some people have trouble with their stomach when they have heart disease. It is not good to just let the heartburn go as it can cause problems with the esophagus and even cause cancer.  Hope you are feeling better soon.  Heartburn it not fun.  I didn't have it until after I had children.  
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