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Heart Disease/Carotid Artery?

I'm a 33 year old female. 5 ft tall, 96 pounds. Generally good health my whole life. My normal BP has always been 80/50, hb about 65 at rest. I'm moderately active, i ran about 3x per month...
At the beginning of December 2011, I woke up with a fast hb, I felt like I had just run a marathon. I went to the pharmacy and took my bp. It was 147/98, heart beat 136. For the next two weeks, it continued without letting up for even a moment. I also experienced moderate chest pain a few times every day. I began to get light headed.I went to my local ER, EKG and chest xray were normal. Heart  beat 154. The ER doc referred me to Cardioligist. Before I could get an appt, 2 days later, I was taken to the ER again. Fatigue, shortness of breath, BP 157/101, HB 159, chest pain, blurred vision, fainiting. Again, normal EKG, chest xray, blood work. No sign of blood clot. Released from ER.

Cardioligist appt, They put me on Propranalol (beta blocker)10mg. Holter monitor showed normal but fast hb. 184 at rest. Ultrasound showed no damage, COUNTLESS blood tests.

I have been experiencing intense pressure in my neck. It causes ringing in my ears, distorted/ muffled hearing,  light headedness, shortness of breath, headache and fainting. When I faint, it's only for a moment. I usually wake up before I hit the ground.I have loss of memory, confusion, blurred vision, i cant even take a shower without having to sit down in the middle because I lose my breath so easily and often.
I need answers/sugustions on questions to ask my drs... please help!
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For one thing, I'm shocked you've been discharged without a diagnosis. Anyway, have they scanned your neck? or done  a ct-angio of your head? If the brain is lacking oxygen, then your heart will race and you will feel dizzy and faint.
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Sounds like you need to have more detailed testing done. Those rates are not normal reveals that their is a more serious underlying condtion. However, with proper medical attention you will be fine. Buth without you will continue to deteriorate. I had heart disease since 23 and seen multiple doctors and countless medications until i found the right ER, the right Hospital, and the righ Cardio Team. I was misdiagnosed with mitrval regt. buy one hospital and the treatment plan didnt work. Another hospital diagnosed me with dilated cardiomyopathy. I feel fine now with the right meds and my rates/bp/heart is fine. So being misdiagnosed is a very dangerous situation. So shop around and quick.
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Many people pass EKG and other testa later to find out they actually had a heart attack. Demand a stressand neculer test.
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i actually have heart disease. i have a permanent pacemaker as well since i was one month old. i suggest you definitely do a stress test! Go for a second opinion to another Cardiologist! Good luck!
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