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Heart Disease and Testosterone Levels ?

I have been battling with low testosterone for a few years and trying to address it through natural means. Lost 20 lbs body fat (Now 5'08" 156 lbs 13 % BF), added heavy weight lifting in 3x weekly, eat a low carb high vegetable intake diet with more than adequate fat content, etc. Sadly doesnt seem to be helping.

I recently discovered I also have some serious heart issues on the go and that such issues frequently overstimulate the adrenals and the fight or flight response - leading to almost constant physical stress. Could that be a causative factor in the low testoserone numbers ?

I ask as I am considering going on TRT - but am wondering if I should now wait till I address the heart issues and see if the testerone gets better on its own.  Alternatively, I have read that Testoserone is generally heart supportive.
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Hi Haritec,

There is no evidence that I know of that heart disease would lead to low testosterone levels.  There are, as you mentioned, studies that show that low testosterone levels can increase heart disease risk.  However, we don't yet have strong evidence that testosterone replacement in patients with heart disease improves survival or reduces heart attacks, etc.  I don't know if I would necessarily go the route of TRT unless you are having symptoms and/or have diagnosed hypogonadism (testes producing little or no hormone).  

I would discuss this with both your endocrinologist and cardiologist and come up with a plan that best suits you.  

Hope this helps!

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thanks Lilly

That is probably the plan I will go. I eat a diet and supplement to raise T levels ( large amounts of good healthy fats, avocados nuts egg yolks etc, lots of cruciferous veggetables, oysters or zinc supplements, selenium supplements or brazil nuts) and it just doesnt seem to be working.

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My brother has low testosterone levels.  He has non-specific aches and pains until he takes the tablets or rubs the gel on prescribed from the doctor.  The change is quite remarkable in the way he feels, so much better.  
Eating nuts and olive oil can help.  Also zinc levels need to be kept up.
I have just written a book on curing heart disease naturally and that was one of the chapters.  The UK medical journal, Heart, wrote that during one of their studies men with low testosterone levels were at double the risk of dying than men with higher testosterone levels.  Considering you have heart problems now, it would probably be a good idea to go the way of the hormone replacement for the time being so you get the protection of the raised levels. After that you can figure out where you want to go with natural testosterone boosters.
Hope that helps. Good luck.

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