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Heart Disease

I have two non medicated stents in my LAD. I take 75mg of Plaxi once a day and one 81mg asprin once a day. I have been on Plaxix for 9 years. Can I safely stop taking Plavix and continue with th 81mg of asprin. I did not have a heart attack, I had an agina attack. I had open heart surgery, one bypass in the LAD in 2000. I am bruising very easy lately and wonder if I'm doing more harm than good with the current medications.
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Great news, stay strong my friend and keep us posted!
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great to see you back sir, and it's fantastic to know you are doing so well :)
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I agree with ed34, talk to your doctor.

I had a history of stents, CAD, and heart attacks, but after a long absence from symptoms I let my Cardiologist know I was sick of the bruising and wanted to go off Plavix.  Shortly afterwards, I developed shortness of breath, angina, etc., and soon developed problems which led to bypass surgery ten days ago.  Be careful.

I'm back on Plavix.  Once again, I've been hoisted on my own Pilchard.

To my many friends on this board, thanks for the many comments of support.  I'm told I'm ahead of the healing curve.  I'm walking seven minutes four times a day on flat ground, and have regained a lot of lung function.  I've lost 28 pounds of water and back to my regular weight, so that means my heart is healing.  What is wonderful, I have no angina.  

It was wonderful to hear from a friend from the 1990's when this board was a baby, Tickertock.  
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I would discuss this with your Doctor, who should give you a run down of the latest findings. It is becoming common practice to now have patients on plavix for life because people have been forming clots once taken off the medication. You have to weigh up the risks and your Doctor will explain both sides of the fence.
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