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Heart Murmur and Echocardiogram

My doctor told me that I might have a heart murmur.  What is the average age of those that have heart murmurs? Does it vary? Because I am under 20.

I was wondering if a echocardiogram is the same as a sonogram, and if the echocardiogram includes a doppler color flow add-o and a doppler echo exam.
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I have a heart murmur too... since 2 years old (31 now).   They never did find the cause for the four echos I've had in my life.   I have increased velocities across my pulmonary valve is all I saw on the echo... guess that means its innocent.   Although every doctors I see always wants me to have and echo... I just ignore them for the most part.   I've been told my cardiologists that my heart is normal.   I guess when I'm nervous it gets loud and prompts them to look into it...

Anyways, MANY people have murmurs and the upper range is almost always innocent from what I understand.   Each case is a bit different though.
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My murmur was discovered when I was about 19.  I have yearly checkups because the murmur is from a leaky mitral valve.

My daughter developed a murmur when she was about 10 years old.  She had a very bad case of gastroenteritis and quickly became dehydrated.  She is rechecked every few years and at her last check (around 23), the murmur was not apparent.

I know that there are different types of echocardiograms, but I don't know which methods have the doppler, etc.  I think I get a 2-D mode with color doppler...Yes, I believe an echocardiogram would be considered an ultrasound (sonogram) of the heart.  Are you scheduled for an echo?  There are a number of different reasons for a heart murmur and many are "innocent."
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Did the hear murmur cause the gastroenteritis? i think i have it right now. I do have a heart murmur since birth i believe. I have been feeling like fainting, fatigued. Pains in my chest and back. stomach pains. i am eating differently.I dont feel like my self at all. and how serious is  gastroenteritis?
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No, they believe the gastroenteritis caused dehydration which made the murmur more profound.  An echocardiogram will be helpful in diagnosing the cause of the murmur.  

You would know if you had a severe case of gastroenteritis...You would not be able to eat or drink anything. My daughter couldn't even keep a teaspoon of water down.  Within 6 hours, she was completely dehydrated and was admitted to a hospital.  Be sure to follow up with your doctor.  When are you scheduled for the echo?
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After i eat my stomach starts to hurt and i feel like i am going to throw up. i currently dont have a appointment to see a doctor.
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You should consult with your doctor and have a good physical.  It's always a good idea to follow up on unexplained pain or illness.  Good luck.
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