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Heart Murmur

Hi ive  been  at  my  doctors  office    trying  to search for  the  cause  of  my Chronic Hives ,that ive been  suffering  with for  15  yrs  now,  I cannot function one  day  without my meds  i  can itch from my ears to my toes  anywhere anytime  also I  always  feel tired  and  weak  and  a  little  short  of  breath. All this  to  say  my  doctor  told  me  to  see  a  Cardiologist  because  he   said  i  have  a  heart  murmur. He asked  if  i was  born with  this  I  was not.... I  do  have  chest  pain   feels  deep  in  my  heart  especially in the  morning when  i  awake. I  already consulted  last  year  for  this  and  the  doctor told  me  not to  be  alarmed it  was  probably  a  pulled  muscle. Can  anyone  please  help  me  understand    about this  heart  mur mur?  thank you.
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Heart murmurs can be innocent sounds (clinically insignificant) heard by stethoscope and the sound is caused by increased flow or turbulance across anatomically normal valves. The valves are a one-way passage of blood from the upper chamber to the lower chamber, and there distinct sounds during the pumping phase and resting phase and the intensity of sound is relevant.  systolic, diastolic or continuous.

Murmurs that are pathological  occur as a result of either diseased cardiac valves or abnormal communications between cardiac chambers, blood vessels or both. These lesions may be a brith defect or acquired.

For a statistic,  the most common abnormal sound finding on cardiac examination is a systolic (pumping phase) murmur, which occurs in 80 to 96 percent of children and in 15 to 44 percent of adults.26 These murmurs can be functional (innocent) or pathological.

You state there is no congenital valve disorder.  If acquired the most common causes of clinically significant murmurs in this country are degenerative valvular disorders such as senile calcific aortic stenosis (narrow opening usually from calcification) and mitral valve prolapse (valve leafs don't close over tightly over the opening). Less common causes of acquired valvular disease are systemic lupus erythematosus  and certain medications used in weight loss programs.

A valve disorder can cause chest pain, and an exam will help assess whether or not the chest pain is related to the heart.

thanks for your question and if you have any further questions, or comments you are welcome to respond.  Take care,


I developed a valve disorder when my left ventricle enlarged and that caused a geometiric change of the valve opening and the leafs don't effectivel cover the opening and when the heart pumps some of the blood flows back into the upper left atrium.

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Thank  you   ,you  were  very  helpful!
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Your welcome.  I wwish you well going forward

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