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Heart Murmur

I hope you can give the definitive answer to this question.  I have a heart murmur that I was diagnosed with in my early twenties.  I was not born with it, according to my mother.  Whenever an MD listens to my heart, the first question he asks is if I ever had rheumatic fever (I am 49).  I was never diagnosed with rheumatic fever, however, some MD's state that I could have had it and did not know it, others say that I would have known if I had it.  What is the right answer?

Thanks so much.  Patty
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Dear Patty,
There are many different types of heart murmurs.  One type is that due to rheumatic fever.  In days gone by this was one of the most common causes of heart murmur.  In the antibiotic era however rheumatic fever is much less common.  The best way to sort things out in your case is with an echocardiogram.  This is an ultrasound exam of the heart that can determine which valve is causing the murmur and give clues as to the source of the murmur.  It still won't be able to tell for sure if you had rheumatic fever but there are characteristic findings that may suggest this as a source.
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Your doctor should send you for an echo cardiogram.
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I have had about 8 echos in the last 6 years.  I have aortic (mild to moderate) and mitral regurgitation (mild);(past history positive for Id. DCM in 96)
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Glad I found a place that I can communicate.  A few weeks ago I did a medical examination and was told by my doctor that I have a soft murmur on or around my heart.  Unfotunately I tried to get the doctor to tell me more but she was hesitant.  I would like to know can you advise.  I am 42 yrs old.

Secondly, my niece (about 7 years old) just a few days ago was diagnosed with an enlarged heart and further one of the two doctors with whom her mum consulted indicated that she also has legions (not sure of spelling of this word) on the heart.  This has caused much concern to our family, in particular her mum who is a single parent(a nurse) but seem not to know how to cope with such a revelation. This is what forced me to search the intenet for information and I came across this site.  Can you also shed some light on this for me aswell.  I hope to get a response and that this is not a site where you ask questions and no answeres are ever received.


Thank you.
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Recently my husband was diagnosed with aortic valve stenosis and is need a valve replacement and in addition, double-bypass.  

They say this bad valve is due to a heart murmur since birth.  He's 53 yrs old and we are ssoooo unsure as to whether to go with an artificial valve or a tissue valve  The life-time coumadin is not something he thinks he can deal with.

Anyone with a aortic tissue valve replacement out there?  How long are they really suppose to last?  We recently had a doctor tell us that they start diminishing as soon as they are put in.  He thinks you only get 10 years out of one, the last 5 being a low quality of life (as is today).  

Also, has anyone experienced having Passive Retrograde Cerebral Perfusion?  This is a technique to reduce possiblity of strokes.

Please help if you can

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I don't now where I aquired this URL but it was in my "Favorites" in my browser.  I also don't know ANYTHING about it...but it may be worth a look.


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Hi there!I have just found out that my daughter of 11 months has a heart murmur(of which kind I don't know yet,she has to go for an echo).Also doctors are concerned that she is small and doesn't weigh much she is 7.48kg.Is smallness associated with murmurs?Please help me I'm terrified and the waiting is killing me because I can't help her.
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My sister told me yesterday that she took her little boy ( 4 yrs. old ) to the doc, he was sick. She said the doc had seen him when he was sick a year ago, and told her he heard somthing that might be a heart murmer, but also might be because od him being sick. Yesterday he checked again and said he heard the same sound. The doc recommended a visit to a heart specialist.
My question is, has anyone ran across this problem only find out the diagnosis was wrong?
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2 weeks ago I took my daughter to the doctor because she was sick.  The doc said she heard a murmur.  My daughter is 7 yrs. old.  We have had the same doctor for my daughter and she has never heard it before.  Today I took her back for a checkup to see if the doc could still hear the murmur.  The doc still heard it.  She is sending my daughter for a echo.  I'm not sure to be concerned or not.  I have heard of children outgrowing murmurs.  Should I be worried?  My concern is:  My daughter runs track with AAU in the summer.  It gets very hot here in Texas.  We were going to start training next month.  Guess I will wait to see what comes of the echo.

Thanks,  Ding
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