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Heart PVC's?

I always had palpitations since I was 14 but got worse over the years. I had a ultrasound years ago, everything was normal. Last year when I noticed got worse I went to cardiologist for first time. She sent me for ultrasound,  ECG, stress test , holter and blood work. My heart ultrasound I had to do two of them because it looks like one of my valves was not closing right buy just turned out to be "trial triscupid regurgitation and i think trival mitral regurgitation" but I was assured %90 of population has this it's fine. My ECG was normal but my Holter and stress test came back with PVC's.  Which is good they caught the palpitations.

Only thing I'm worried about is they did not catch the palpitations with the head throb! I don't always get them....only now and then. I asked doctors about this they never heard of it in their medical books.

I'm so terrified that these head throbs with pals are something else? Has anyone had head throb with Palps? It almost feels like a wave goes from my chest then up to my head. It's weird and kind of hard to explain .

Can I have PVC's buy something else too? Could I be miss diagnosed?  I do have general anxiety and depression.
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