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Heart Palpitations

Hello, I never thought I’d have to come onto a website for help, but I’m very desperate lately..
I am 17 years old, female, and first started experiencing palpitations when I was about 15. I’ve experienced them in many ways; and have gone to the doctor multiple times. I’ve had my blood taken many times which turned out to be normal every time, blood pressure has always been good, and both ekg’s I’ve taken have been good- the doctor said she didn’t see anything worrying or potentially dangerous. Palpitations happen once in awhile sometimes, and those ones don’t bother me. But then they’ll go away for weeks or even months and come back for days. About a month and a half ago, I randomly experienced them and they lasted about 5 days. They felt like skipped beats with a strong feeling (Explaining palpitations is so difficult because they all feel so different) and I felt like I was unable to get out of bed or do anything because I was so frightened. I was even shaking, throwing up, and unable to keep food down. Then, one day I decided to have a shower and try to get out of bed, and my heart started beating very fast with palpitations, so I got my mom to take me to the hospital, where I found my blood pressure was “perfect”, ekg wasn’t worrying, and blood test was good. The doctor told me that she thought I was totally fine and it was my mind making these worse for me (I am a very anxious person and a HUGE hypochondriac). She also said I may have SVT, but it was nothing to worry about, just to go to the hospital if I get chest pains, rate over 120, or I faint. Months before this happened, I had a monitor on for two days, and never received the follow up from my doctor. So I made an appointment with him and he said my monitor was fine, just that my rate was tachycardiac at times, but there wouldn’t be a point putting me on medication because it caused more harm than good. I explained to him what the other doctor I’d seen said and he asked what my rate was when I had gone to the hospital (it was 101) and then said there was no way that I have SVT. He then booked an echo (this is in 4 days from now) to rule out any structural abnormalities- this is the last thing to make me feel reassured. So basically he sent me off saying the same thing the previous doctor said; mind over matter. Since then, I’ve felt really good- until 2 days ago. I started randomly experiencing skipped  beats  again, and have been ever since. They feel horrible because when they happen I think my heart may not start again and it’s terrifying. I have people around me telling me to ignore it and not worry, that it’s anxiety. I have a really hard time thinking anxiety is causing it because they come on in times where I am not anxious. I just feel like I cant live my life as a seventeen year old and it sucks a LOT. I feel too scared to do anything. Opinions and thoughts would be very appreciated. Thank you so much for reading all of this.
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• Reduce stress.
Try relaxation techniques, such as meditation, yoga or deep breathing.
• Avoid stimulants.
Caffeine, nicotine, some cold medicines and energy drinks can make your heart beat quickly or irregularly.
• Avoid illegal drugs.
Certain drugs, such as cocaine and amphetamines, can bring on heart palpitations.
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Thank you for your comment, I don’t do drugs & always avoided caffeine, nicotine, cold medication, & energy drinks for this purpose. So I guess techniques of reducing stress is what I need to try. Thanks again!
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May I ask have you had your blood glucose and iron levels checked? I was wrongly diagnosed with slight tachycardia when it was actually anaemia due to low iron?
I was always getting palpitations and always felt tired.
I’m not 100% sure, but I think so. It’s a very tough and annoying situation
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